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Utu Na Uzalendo: The Satirical Activist Chronicles of “The Monk” Jerome Ogola

Welcome to the Utu Na Uzalendo Podcast where we journey through the pages of satire and the alleys of political banter with Jerome Ogola, a self-educated journalist with a knack for humour and a heart for the common mwananchi (citizen). His witty prose, often laced with humour and satire, resonates with thousands on the vibrant Facebook platform, where he’s not just a writer, but a revered voice of the oppressed.

Jerome isn’t your ordinary journalist. His political satire transcends the laughs and digs deep into the core of societal issues, educating his readers about their rights, good governance, and the importance of holding leadership accountable. His eloquence in Lingala, a self-taught triumph, and his love for Benga music enrich his narratives, painting a vivid picture of a culture-rich Kenya.

His followers, endearingly known as “Hoof Eaters,” see him as “The Monk,” a sage amidst the chaotic world of Kenyan politics. His journey into politics isn’t merely a dabble; it’s a quest for truth in a sea of misinformation, a quest he shares daily with his readers, turning every Facebook post into a classroom of political education.

Today, we delve deeper into the satirical world of Jerome Ogola, exploring how humour, satire, and a relentless quest for justice can merge into a powerful tool for social change. Together, we’ll dissect his writings, laugh at the satire, and reflect on the stark realities he unveils through his social media crusade.