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Rhymes of #Utu: The Spoken Word Artivism of Dennis “Dorphanage” Mutuma

Welcome to another episode of the Utu Na Uzalendo Podcast, where we explore the rich tapestry of African culture, philosophy, and creative expression as an aspect of alternative leadership. Today, we have an exceptional guest who embodies the spirit of Utu through his art and activism.

Dennis Mutuma Mutua, also known simply as Dorphanage, aka Mwariama, is a renowned Kenyan poet, performing artist, and writer. Born and raised in Timau Meru, his creative journey is marked by a deep commitment to capturing the human experience through powerful narratives and performances influenced by personal experiences. Based in Nairobi, Dorphanage uses his art to shed light on social issues, celebrate cultural heritage, and inspire change.

His latest project, “Blinding Blocks Incorporated (BBI)” featuring Zawadi, showcases his unique ability to blend lyrical prowess with compelling musical compositions to capture and commentate on contemporary societal happenings. With a background that includes numerous performances and a growing body of written work, Dorphanage continues to make significant contributions to the Kenyan and African artistic landscape.

Join us as we delve into the world of Dorphanage, exploring his inspirations, his work, and his vision for the future of Kenya, African art and society. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.