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Utu na Uzalendo: Unfolding the Spirit of African Philanthropy aka “Harambee” with Kyai Mullei

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the “Utu na Uzalendo” Podcast, a platform where we delve into the heart of Kenyan and African innovation and leadership. Today, we are honoured to host a visionary who has harnessed the power of technology to foster a culture of giving and community support across the African continent. Meet Kyai Mullei, the Co-founder of M-Changa Africa, the pre-eminent crowdfunding platform that has revolutionized how Africans rally resources for communal endeavours.

Kyai’s journey is a testament to how innovative minds can bridge the traditional with the modern to create impactful solutions. With a rich background in IT and social entrepreneurship, Kyai has experience leading information system design and providing hybrid software solutions to SMEs. He has a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.

Yet, his heart beats for more than just code and algorithms. It resonates with the spirit of ‘Harambee,’ the Swahili mantra for pulling together. This led him alongside David Mark to birth M-Changa in 2012, a platform that has since become Africa’s largest crowdfunding arena, embodying the essence of organized giving. Through M-Changa, Kyai and David have modernized the age-old tradition of Harambee, enabling seamless mobile and online fundraising endeavours that have impacted lives across the continent.

Today, M-Changa stands as a beacon of African ingenuity, having grown exponentially across the continent both in user base and the number of successful fundraising stories. And behind this triumph is Kyai’s relentless drive to mobilize, inspire, and equip communities towards self-reliance and collective prosperity.

Join us, as we unfold Kyai Mullei’s remarkable journey and the indomitable spirit of Utu na Uzalendo that fuels his quest to empower African communities, one fundraiser at a time.