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Isaiah Biwott, Kabarnet’s Resolute Voice for Justice

Welcome to another episode of the Utu Na Uzalendo Podcast, a voyage into the hearts of individuals rewriting the narrative of justice in Kenya.

Today, we traverse the rolling hills of Baringo County from the “bandit” ravaged north to Kabarnet in Baringo Central, where Isaiah Biwott, a stalwart social justice activist, stands as a beacon of hope in a realm often marred by injustices despite being in “kafamen”!

His journey reveals a tapestry of courage, as seen in a particular instance where he championed the rights of a defiled minor, questioning authority, and demanding justice when it seemed elusive.

Isaiah’s title as a Human Rights defender isn’t just a tag, but a lived reality, an embodiment of the spirit of ‘Utu na Uzalendo’, especially in the Rift Valley where all are supposed to sing the tune of the government of the day.

Today, we unravel the life and battles of Isaiah, delving into his relentless pursuit of justice, and how his actions echo the collective aspirations of the community he serves.