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Agent Provocateur, Trailblazing Kenyan Journalist, MC & Show Host – The Eric Latiff Chronicle

Welcome to “The Eric Latiff Chronicle”, a podcast that dives into the life, career, and societal contributions of one of Kenya’s seasoned journalists, Eric Latiff. Eric has charted a notable career in the media industry, honing his skills as a broadcaster, communications strategist, digital marketing expert, conference moderator, MC, and voice-over artist.

Eric Latiff is not just a name that resonates within the media circles; he’s a voice that echoes the principles of truth, transparency, and transformative conversations. As the host of “The Situation Room,” a weekly 4-hour breakfast talk show on Spice FM, dubbed “Kenya’s Biggest Conversation”, Eric has facilitated informed dialogues on critical socio-political issues, carving a niche for himself as a sagacious moderator and broadcaster.

Eric has embarked on a media journey that eventually saw him moderating the Kenya Presidential Debate 2022, a pinnacle that underscored his adeptness in steering national conversations. His footprint extends beyond the media landscape to the digital realm as the founder and CEO of Zeze Digital, a communication, and digital marketing consultancy. Through this venture, he has helped bridge the digital divide, ensuring that messages resonate with clarity and impact in a digitalized world.

Eric’s expertise as a top-billed MC and event moderator has seen him orchestrating events with finesse, ensuring that every session he moderates is not just an event, but an experience. His ability to seamlessly blend humor, wit, and insight has made him a sought-after MC, one whose presence on the stage transcends mere entertainment but educates and inspires.

Our podcast series aims to unravel the man behind the microphone, delving into Eric’s early life, his foray into journalism, his views on good governance, and how his enduring spirit continues to contribute to Kenya’s socio-political landscape. Through candid conversations and a journey down memory lane, “Voices of Reason: The Eric Latiff Chronicle” seeks to humanize Eric Latiff, offering a glimpse into the heart and mind of a man whose voice has become synonymous with reason and societal enlightenment.

Join us as we explore the life of Eric Latiff, a journalist by profession, a societal watchdog by calling, and a beacon of hope by choice. Your host Mwalimu Mutemi was Kiama engages Eric in profound discussions that promise to inspire, educate, and provoke thought, reaffirming the power of the media in shaping the narrative of a nation.