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Utu Na Uzalendo: The Resonance of Dignity – MC Toothbrush’s Harmonic Advocacy

Welcome to this episode of the #UtuNaUzalendo Podcast where today, we step into the rhythmic world of Freddy Mswaki Diox, aka MC Toothbrush, a rapper and MC with a beat of change echoing from the heart of Korogocho slums, Nairobi.

Freddy is part of a generation of Change Makers impacting Nairobi’s informal settlements, the city and the world born, bred and nurtured right at the heart of Korogocho through St. John’s Catholic Church.

Beyond the beats, MC Toothbrush amplifies the voice of social justice at events and protests. His #RestoringDignity initiative resonates with a mission – rebuilding homes and restoring dignity for the elderly in Korogocho, one senior at a time.

As we navigate MC Toothbrush’s harmonic advocacy, we unveil a narrative of resilience, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of dignity for himself and his community. Join us in exploring the rhythmic advocacy of a rapper birthed in hardship yet blooming in service.