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Humour with a Lesson: “Fake Woke”, The Justine Wanda Chronicles – Part 2

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Utu na Uzalendo Podcast, where today we delve into the humorous yet thought-provoking world of Justine Wanda.

Known to many as a stand-up comedian, comedy writer, and political satirist, Justine has created a niche for herself in the vibrant Kenyan comedy scene. Her story is one of laughter intertwined with political satire, allowing her to engage Kenyans politically using a language that resonates with the masses.

Born with a flair for humour and the ability to dissect complex issues with a touch of comedy, Justine has become a beloved figure on various social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. She uses these platforms to entertain and educate her audience about their rights, good governance, and the importance of holding the Kenyan political leadership accountable.

Her journey in comedy has seen her grace various stages, bringing laughter to many, while at the same time provoking thought on significant societal issues. Among her notable endeavours is her show “Fake Woke with Justine”, a platform she utilizes to engage her audience in a light-hearted yet insightful manner.

Beyond the stage, Justine extends her advocacy to the digital realm. Her skits on social media are more than just a source of laughter; they are a tool for political engagement, simplifying complex issues for the everyday citizen. With every joke, she challenges her audience to think deeper, to question more, and to aspire for a better governance structure in Kenya.

The Utu na Uzalendo Podcast aims to humanize the stories behind the figures driving positive change in our society. Today, we unravel Justine Wanda’s journey, exploring her humour-filled path in advocating for social justice and good governance. Through her story, we get to understand the power of comedy as a tool for political engagement and social change.

Join us on this captivating episode as we laugh, learn, and get inspired by Justine Wanda’s relentless advocacy for a better Kenya.