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Unveiling Green Horizons – The Resolute Endeavors of James Wakibia.

Welcome to the #UtuNaUzalendoKE Podcast, the Podcast journeying into the heart of conscientious narratives, where today, we traverse the green trails blazed by a fervent guardian of Mother Earth, James Wakibia.

Nestled in the scenic Rift Valley of Kenya, in the town of Nakuru, emerged a resolute voice against the plastic menace using photography, James Wakibia. What began as a distress at the sight of his hometown’s beauty veiled by plastic pollution, burgeoned into a nationwide and international clarion call for environmental prudence.

James Wakibia, a diligent environmental activist and a keen photojournalist, didn’t just witness the plastic plight; he acted. He campaigned and echoed the sentiments of many, turning whispers of discontent into roars of legislative change.

His tireless advocacy, ingeniously amplified through social media campaigns such as #ISupportBanPlasticsKE, became the catalyst for a monumental shift in environmental policy in Kenya. Wakibia’s relentless efforts were instrumental in ushering the 2017 nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags, a milestone that continues to reverberate throughout the nation and beyond.

Through the lens of #UtuNaUzalendoKE we delve into the soul of James Wakibia’s activism, exploring the heartbeats that fueled his daring quest against plastic pollution. Today, we unveil the personal narrative intertwined with the public endeavour, unearthing the ‘why’ behind Wakibia’s unwavering commitment to a greener, cleaner, and a more conscientious Kenya.